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Tysons Corner is located between downtown Washington, DC and Dulles International Airport in northern Virginia.  In the 1950s Tysons Corner only had a small general store at the corner of Routes 7 and 123; today it hosts more than 170,000 jobs and 46 million square feet of office and retail space.  By 2030, Tysons is expected to be the seventh largest downtown in the US, and by 2050, it will be a walkable, sustainable urban center that 100,000 people will call home.  With 14 million square feet of office space under construction, a $4 billion metrorail expansion underway, and countless other expansions and developments, Tysons Corner will be North America’s only example of a sprawling edge city transforming into a fully-fledged, independent downtown.

Tysons Corner

IBTS’ Role in the Transformation

IBTS began work in Tysons Corner in 2009.  In five years we provided services for residential, corporate, and retail buildings, reviewing more than 1.2 million square feet of property that will change the landscape of Tysons Corner.  

Mitre 4
Plan Review // Corporate Building 

  • 14-story corporate office building.
  • 4-level underground parking garage
  • On-site power generator plant
  • LEED Gold
  • 360,000 square feet

Arbor Row E
Plan Review // Mixed-Use

  • 26-story residential tower
  • 460 residential units
  • 4-level parking structure
  • Retail/amenity spaces on ground level
  • 50,000+ square feet

Tysons Corner Banana Republic
Plan Review and Retrofitting  

  • Located inside Tysons Corner Center
  • Review of renovation of existing department store
  • 13,317 square feet

Arbor Row Block A
Plan Review // Mixed-Use 

  • One concrete podium mixed-use retail/amenity space
  • One 22-story residential building, 420 units.  Type IA construction
  • One five-story wood-framed residential building, 250 units, constructed above podium.  Type IIIA construction
  • Parking garage
  • 750,000 square feet

Tysons Galleria Sunglass Hut
Plan Review and Retrofitting  

  • Located inside Tysons Galleria
  • Review of tenant improvement
  • 700 square feet

The Silver Line
Inspection Overview 

IBTS oversaw construction of an 11-mile extension of Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority’s (WMATA) Metro system.  Construction began in 2009, marking the beginning of the largest expansion project since the Metro’s 1976 inception.  IBTS provided project management, staffing, and coordination for inspections of four stations; track and elevated track; tunnels; associated electrical, mechanical, plumbing and fire safety infrastructure; and modular offices accessed by thousands.  We also oversaw special inspections for concrete and steel, as well as conducted reviews for safety and accessibility.   Using IBTS’ web-based inspection reporting system, clients – located 100 miles from the job site – were able to access real-time project statuses and reports.

IBTS Services For Tysons Corner Projects


Jurisdictions are often understaffed. IBTS’ Expedited Plan Review programs help cut the time it takes to obtain a building permit by at least half.  IBTS is a preapproved peer reviewer for construction plan review with an inspector, plans examiner, and code official certifications in building, electrical, fire safety, mechanical, and plumbing. IBTS offers 30 years of experience, timeliness and accuracy, and a unique team approach to independent third party oversight.


Expedite Plan Review

The plan review process varies in length depending on the project, but expedited plan review can shorten the process to a fraction of the time.  A normal plan review process could take 12 weeks, but with expedited plan review the process can be shortened to 2-4 weeks.  Anticipated turnaround for initial reviews are 10 days, with each follow up review taking 5 days.


Building Department Services

Building Design Review and Plan/Peer Review

Community Development

Compliance Risk Monitoring

Construction Management

Disaster Management

Education and Training

Energy and Sustainability

Facilities Program Management

Flood Plain Management

Housing Authority Inspections and Assessments

Independent Verification and Validation

Information Services

Municipal Services

Manufactured Homes

Military Construction, GSA, and Public / Private Ventures

Quality Assurance

Services in the Public Good

Solar Quality Assurance


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