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Bossier City, LA

Our Local Office - Bossier City

Bossier City, Louisiana

The Bossier City, LA office is part of the Institute for Building Technology and Safety (IBTS), a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting residential and commercial building safety and building code compliance across the United States. 

This office was formed to serve the specific needs of the North Louisiana area, providing services on demand, which would normally be provided by government offices in the built environment.  They offer expert Third Party Provider services as Plan Reviewers and Inspectors, and complete Building Department and Flood Plain Management services. 

Branch Manager: Greg Blount

707 Benton Road, Suite 100
Bossier City, LA 71111
Telephone: 318-747-2454 
Fax: 318-747-0218

Core Services - Bossier City

In the Bossier City office, our responsibilities include:

  • Providing building department services to over 20 jurisdictions.
  • Providing Flood Plain management service to 9 jurisdictions.
  • Providing Property Maintenance Department Services to 3 cities.
  • Providing Storm Water management services to 2 jurisdictions.
  • Providing Utilities Permitting services to 4 jurisdictions
  • Providing Community Development Block Grant service to 1 jurisdiction.
  • Providing Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant service to 5 jurisdictions.

Client Testimonials - Bossier City, LA

The following comments have been made by our clients:

City of Central, Louisiana

Since the 2005 incorporation of the city, the City of Central has privatized 80 percent of our city services.  IBTS took over the city services on July 1, 2011.  The transition period went smooth without any disruption of city services.  

After eight months, IBTS has provided quality and cost effective services to our citizens.

Tony LoBue, Councilman, City of Central, LA

City of Central, Louisiana  

I would like to take this opportunity relate to you on experiences with the firm Institute for Building Technology and Safety (IBTS).  We have been a city since 2005 and have always had a contract for privatization of our services.  IBTS was awarded the new contract for these services effective July 1, 2011 and have done an excellent job since that dates.  Their offices are run on a very professional level and services are provided in a timely manner.

IBTS has been an exceptional company to work with on both the corporate and local levels.  They have been extremely cooperative and supportive in all aspects of our services.  They have been totally involved in our community events and have done everything possible to make the City of Central a better place for our citizens.  As Mayor, I look forward to continuing to work with IBTS for a long period of time and recommend them highly to anyone who is considering having public/private partnership.

Shelton S. “Mac” Watts, Mayor, City of Central, LA


Louisiana Uniform Construction Code Council 

I am writing this email to give my whole hearted endorsement to IBTS to handle any program associated with construction and building codes in Louisiana. IBTS supplied certified inspectors and plan reviewers to Louisiana in its largest hour of need, immediately after Katrina and Rita. There employees were professional and knowledgeable. Their leadership always delivered timely on promises and they were a huge part of the success of implementing enforced building codes as quickly as the state accomplished. I would not hesitate to call on IBTS to assist in any programs in the recovery of our state. They are organized and more importantly they genuinely care about our citizens. They have treated all the victims of the storms with dignity and respect and understand the importance of timely delivery of services to traumatized victims of our disasters. I am available for questions concerning their performance in any of the programs they participated in. These programs included; Supplying certified code officials, training, opening regional retail third party provider code offices, and facilitating studies into code office software for the Louisiana Uniform Construction Code Council.

Randy Noel, Chairman Louisiana Uniform Construction Code Council, (LSUCCC)


Madison Parish Police Jury

It is with great pleasure that on behalf of Madison Parish Police Jury I express our gratitude for the service that the Parish has received from IBTS.  Especially noteworthy of recognition is Mr. Larry Walters.

Larry has been consistent in providing our staff with a clear understanding of our role in the building process.  He has provided us with all the tools and resources that we need to perform our duties.  He always avails himself to assist when we call.  It is clear that you believe in hiring according to the principle of “Right person, right role, “ meaning that you are conscientious in your efforts to place people in the job that matches their experience level, particular skills, talents and potential to grow.  I believe that Larry is a great choice for this position. 

Once again, we commend Larry on a job well done and your selection of a great employee!

Margarett Drew, Secretary, Treasurer, Madison Parish Police Jury


Louisiana Department Public Safety and Corrections

Please allow me this opportunity to commend IBTS and its exemplary job performance while providing much needed building inspection services to the citizens of Louisiana.  It has been astonishing to see IBTS mobilize over 80 Building Code Professional s into the 11 effected parish areas in such a short period of time. 

The response and feedback that we have received from man of the AHJ’s has all been positive and with the highest marks related to professional management, services, knowledge and expertise of your staff.  The vast majority have communicated that they would never have been able to provide the needed services with their existing resources.

IBTS has been able to achieve the support of loal building officials while allowing each governmental agency to retain their autonomy and administration.  Attitudes have been transformed concerning the pursuit of professional certifications, as well as membership in local building associations to enhance participants’ development.

Though only one of the initiatives by the Governor’s Office and DOA related to seeing homeowners on the “road home”, IBTS has been the shining star among these providers.

Jill P. Boudreaux, Acting Undersecretary, Louisiana Department Public Safety and Corrections


Bossier Parish Assessor’s Office

The Bossier Parish Assessor’s Office has worked with Greg Blount and the Bossier division of IBTS for more than a year now.  I recommend their services, without hesitation.

Their entire staff at IBTS has been very responsive to our changing needs as we continue to develop the permitting process in Bossier Parish.  The vast range of services that they have provided to us includes, but is no limited to helping to write ordinances, administrating the program, providing timely plan reviews and inspections, and responding to the calls and needs from citizens.

I commend IBTS for their outstanding work ethics and high standards.  And I feel that their services would be an asset to any organization.

Michelle K. Rodgers, CLDA, Chief Deputy Assessor, Bossier Parish, LA

Local News and Events - Bossier City, LA

IBTS will be participating at the follow events.  This listing is updated on a regular basis, so please visit often to learn more about us. 

Please visit often to learn more about us. 

Local Links - Bossier City, LA


IBTS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established to provide unbiased professional building code compliance services directly to, or on behalf of, government agencies at all levels. These services include inspections, plan reviews, building department services, education and training, staff augmentation, policy and procedure development, cost evaluation, energy ratings, and auditing.
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